Pay Raise Possible for Christian Co. Sheriff's Deputies

By Chris Eidson

Published 05/01 2014 07:26PM

Updated 05/01 2014 10:18PM

OZARK, Mo. -- Deputies in Christian County could be getting a pay raise.

Sheriff Joey Kyle has applied for more than 200,000 dollars in state grant money for this coming fiscal year.

The money will come from a grant called the Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplementation Fund.

The fund's income comes from a 10 dollar fee attached to tickets.

This year the department received 85,000 dollars from the fund.

For next year, Kyle is asking for more than twice that amount.

Sheriff's deputies across Missouri perform many of the same tasks, but are paid very differently depending on the county in which they work.

"There's such a huge pay disparity across the state," Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle said.

Kyle said deputies in more affluent counties, especially around the metropolitan areas, earn a higher salary.

He believes his deputies should be paid an amount comparable to those paid in other first class rated counties.

"If you compare to counties the size of Christian County both in assessed valuation and population we'd be at the bottom as far as pay," Kyle said.

One way the state is attempting to level the playing field is the Sheriff Deputy Salary Supplementation Fund.

"In this year's grant we're asking for enough money to bring the deputies' salaries up to 30,000 dollars a year," he said.

That amounts to 208,513.33 dollars for the department.

And this grant could help supplement the salaries of not just sheriff's deputies, but those who work in the office.

Kyle requested enough for 4600 dollars per deputy and 2100 for other staff members.

"In the state of this economy it's the best they're going to hope to get as far as any pay raises," Kyle said.

According to Kyle, the Christian County deputies have only received one raise in the last 12 years.

And their additional income hasn't even matched cost of living increases.

"If I can't get them pay increases from county law enforcement sales tax revenues this is the next best thing," Kyle said.

The fiscal year starts on June 1, so the deputies will know this month what the pay increase will be.

A state board decides how much goes to each county from the fund.

Sheriff Kyle hopes they receive more than last year and best case scenario, all 200,000 he's requested.

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