China is Turning Tiger Bones into Wine

Published 07/25 2014 04:36PM

Updated 07/27 2014 07:56PM

Chinese brewers are making wine from tiger bones—yes, the bones of the large, striped predatory cats—despite specific regulations against the trade in tiger bones.

Brewers have found a loophole since they do not specifically sell or trade the bones, merely the alcoholic mixture in which they’re steeped. Fans of the drink believe that it affects a broad spectrum of things, including boosting IQ, improving blood circulation, curing arthritis and strengthening the body in general—but much like Swarovski crystals, some see it as a status symbol due to its perceived elitism and exaggerated financial value.

Why it Matters: There’s always someone who wants to be able to one-up everyone around them and be “in the know” for the latest and greatest. This, sadly, has a whole market surrounding it of products and services created simply for bragging rights. We’re seeing everything from swimming with sharks and paid dinners with celebrities, to eating poisonous foods and foods that come from potentially endangered wildlife. This culture pushes said items to an exaggerated financial value, leading to the misconception of wealth surrounding the adventurous endeavors. But as long as there’s a market and someone wants to brag there will be newer, stranger, flashier things emerging that you just can’t wait to tell your friends you’ve done.

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