Carpenter, Cards Ready For Game 3.

    (St. Louis, Mo.) -- The National League Championship Series has moved to
Busch Stadium for the next three games.

    The last time Chris Carpenter pitched, he threw a complete game
shutout that elminated the Phillies from the playoffs.

    The last time the Brewers Yovani Gallardo pitched at Busch he
lost a no-hitter in the eighth.
    On Tuesday Carpenter and Gallardo spoke to the media.

    "It's going to be an exciting game," said Carpenter. "It's going to be a great atmosphere here in St. Louis like it always is. Especially at this time of the year. It's going to be a great game. I'm excited for it. I think the competition is going to be there. We've competed against these guys all year. It's been a tough battle back and forth. It was there in Milwaukee. We were able to sneak one out there the last day. Go out and do the best I can and have a lot of fun."

    Gallardo said he has a lot of respect for his Cardinals counterpart.

    "We all know what kind of pitcher he is," said Gallardo. "He has great stuff. He's had great success. And he pitched that Game 5 against Halladay and he's been throwing the ball well. It should be a pretty exciting game. I'm looking forward to it, it's going to be a lot of excitement. It's going to be tough. I'm definitely going to have to bring my A-Game."

    Speaking of pitching, the Cardinals added Lance Lynn to the
NlCS roster to help shore up the bullpen.

    Lynn has already been effective in the first two games.

    Remember he started in Springfield in 2009 winning 11 games, and says he enjoyed his stay at Hammons.

    "You learn quiet a few things," Lynn said. "We had a good ground and a good coaching staff down there. And I learned quiet a few things when I was there."

    Dan Lucy:"Is is one of those deals that it's important that you were able to come up with all those guys, Jay and Garcia?"

    Lynn:"I wasn't able to play with Garcia, but I did with Jay a little
bit. It's a good feeling knowing that you're around guys that you've been with before. And know how they are.

    Lucy:"You've been in a couple of games already and have done well. How much confidence does that give you?"

    Lynn:"It gives me a lot of confidence. I was able to get the first outing out of the way. And the second outing in back
to back nights was huge. I felt good afterwards and it's a good feeling going into the rest of the series."

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