Cards Not Used To Being Ahead

(St. Louis, Mo.) --The battle plan for St. Louis in the playoffs has been to attack hard and attack early.

    In Game 3 the Cards scored four in the first and held onto beat the Brewers 4-3.

    And suddenly St. Louis owned a 2-1 series lead and is not playing catchup.

    "We're going to continue to play the way we're playing no matter if we're ahead or behind," said pitcher Chris Carpenter. "We have nothing to lose. We had nothing to lose, and we have nothing to lose now. And we're going to continue to do what we're doing."
    It's a position of power the cards have not enjoyed in the playoffs but the players say their underdog
attitude must remain constant.

    "We're actually ahead in the series," said third baseman David Freese. "That's a good thing but we're not going to take it lightly."
    That team over there is going to come ready to play Thursday, and we have to be that way too," said right fielder Lance Berkman. "Heck you can't it's 24 hours. We can come out here and get waxed and then it's 2-2 and advantage them because they have two home games and we have one left."
    Berkman loves the Cards' team chemistry and says that will keep them focused.
    "We don't have a catch phrase or anything," he said. "It's not like we're rallying around the squirrel or anything like that."

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