Car Collides with 'Ride the Ducks' Vehicle in Washington

SEATTLE (CNN) - "She just turned right in front of him."

Depending on who you ask.

"I know she turned in front of him," Darcy Kelly says.

You learn who`s at fault.

"The duck went to go change lanes and hit the center of her car and spun her right in the middle of the road," Hanaford says.

Both Matt Hanaford and Darcy Kelly say they saw the accident.

Kelly was on board.

"We weren't going very fast," Kelly says.

A passenger on the two and a half ton attraction.

"I just watched her do it, and I heard the crunch and I was like she just turned right into him," Kelly says.

Matt and his wife Paige were driving behind the now crunched KIA, talking about the what ifs engrained in their minds from two years ago.

"We were just talking about how ever since the Aurora bridge thing, I'm uncomfortable driving around ducks," Hanaford says.

"I was like it's fine babe its ok, just let it be. He was, like, getting worked up from them,” Paige says. “I was like, it's okay. And then it happens and I am like no way."

The Hanafords say the duck boat pit maneuvered the KIA.

"The KIA was kind of in the ducks’ front blind spot," Matt says.

Kelly blames the KIA, the Hanafords say the duck boat.

"Oh my gosh! I was terrified," Paige says.

The driver of the KIA, identified by Seattle Fire Department as a 65-year-old woman, had minor injuries to her hand. She was taken to the hospital.

And the tourists, according to an official were transferred without incident to another duck.

"It makes me nervous to drive next to them," Paige Hanaford says.

Even though it may have some contemplating the worst.

"On this road, it`s so narrow anyways and these ducks go along here all the time and so I know I'll be cautious around them because of what we just saw,” Paige Hanaford says.

Overall, this accident says Seattle Fire was just that, an accident and not a tragedy.

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