Burger King® Drops "Have it Your Way" Slogan for "Be Your Way."

Published 05/23 2014 08:37PM

Updated 05/23 2014 08:40PM

Burger King seems to be having somewhat of an identity crisis. After scrapping its creepy-yet-easily-identified king mascot, they stumbled a bit trying to find a new image for the company that worked, briefly using a subservient chicken on a webcam (which recently saw a revival), as well as the slogan “Taste is King.” That one will, however, also be getting the axe in favor of the new “Be Your Way.”

This is the age of consumer-driven brands, and Burger King apparently is trying to position itself as your supporter and enabler. It’s no longer a message of tell us what you want and we’ll do it. Now, it’s a message of be anything you want and we’ll still be there for you. As brands move more into becoming “lifestyle brands” they are trying to encompass every aspect of your daily routine that they can in order to stay relevant. Burger King is not alone in adopting a message that reflects this shift. The question is, will they be bringing out new products to back it up?

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