Burger King® Begins "Burgers for Breakfast" Campaign

Published 05/18 2014 05:54PM

Updated 05/21 2014 07:26AM

Burger King, in a move that furthers the Breakfast Wars, has decided to do a limited lunch menu starting at 9 a.m. across 5,000 of its stores, nationally.

This appears to be a reaction to the consumer call for 24/7 access to lunch items such as the hamburger, at the same time that other consumers are asking for breakfast sandwiches for dinner. It’s part of our “Clockless™” lifestyle, where we don’t care what time it is—we just want what we want. As the Breakfast Wars continue and more companies compete for the coveted breakfast crown, we expect to see some crazy food creations grace our menus in the months to come, including burgers for Breakfast. It’s a simple but effective menu tweak that immediately doubles BK’s breakfast offerings without having to necessarily create any new menu items. Everyone is holding their breath though, to find out what the chain reaction of fast food chains may be.

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