Broadband Internet More Important to Americans than Cable

Published 08/22 2014 08:24PM

Updated 08/22 2014 08:27PM

Item: For the first time, the number of households that pay for high speed Internet service outnumbers the volume of cable subscribers—meaning that more people starting to use Roku devices or services like Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon as content providers and are slowly moving away from stock and standard cable contracts.

Why it Matters: Cord cutting, meaning moving away from being tied to a cable service, continues to increase, and it’s not just because of price and convenience. It’s also because people don’t feel dependent on systems anymore. Gone are the days of worrying about cable going out during a storm, because your connected TV service is there. Today’s consumer wants on-demand services, flexibility and speed of access. They no longer have to own a cable box or be tied to anything on a permanent basis, because the technology moves so fast they know there will be another, better option somewhere down the road.

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