Boater Shocked in Flood Waters Praised as a 'Homet

By Melanie Chapman |

Published 08/14 2013 07:37PM

Updated 08/15 2013 10:05AM

Darryl Davis
Darryl Davis
MARIES COUNTY, Mo. -- There are a lot of heroic acts that came from last week's tragic flooding.

The water rose quickly in Pulaski, Phelps, and Maries counties, and some brave citizens acted quickly. One of them -- Darrell Davis -- is in a coma tonight.

Many people were trapped, terrified and in desperate need of rescue. Davis, 48, of Rolla didn't think twice. The disabled veteran and volunteer firefighter went into action.

"I thank Darrell," says friend Jimmy Jackson. "He's a good, good man. Good man."

Darrell, his best friend Jackson, and his 18-year-old daughter got on a boat and went out to the Gasconade River.

"The motor stopped about four or five times," recalls Jackson.

Debris was trapped under the grate. They were stuck and in danger themselves.

"We drifted right into the power lines and it got hooked into this console. Me and Darrell just looked at each other. Didn't know what to do. The whole boat was electrified."

Darrell's family says he knew he was danger, but he did what he had to do to save others.

"So Darrell went underneath that power line and like I said, the boat was shaking back and forth and that's when he got shocked," says Jackson.

The power line apparently hit him on the back of the head first.

"And even after taking all that, he still was getting up to make sure the power line was out of the boat to make sure they were okay," says sister Cheryl Westover.

They were okay, but Darrell was critically injured and remains in an induced coma.

"God's grace," adds Jackson. "Just had his hand on us that day. That's all."

"It could have been much worse than it was," says Westover. "Darrell, being the man that he is, always caring and giving, took one for the team. He took one for the team. He took all of it just to save them."

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