Blanchard, Godejohn Won't Use Insanity Plea

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A woman facing first degree murder charges in the stabbing death of her mother, was back in court Tuesday, opting not to use an insanity defense.

Gypsy Blanchard, along with Nicholas Godejohn, are both charged in the June, 2015 murder of Clauddinnea "Dee Dee" Blanchard.  Dee Dee was found dead in the home she shared with Gypsy north of Springfield

Tuesday's pre-trial conference dealt with witnesses for the November trial, and whether Blanchard and Godejohn planned to use an insanity defense.  Neither opted to do that, said Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson.  "Today was really a pretrial conference to make sure things are still on track it was a deadline if either defendent had intended to try to pursue a not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect plea and neither one of them announced that intent, so that issue is removed from the case."

According to the probable cause statement submitted by investigators, posts to Dee Dee's Facebook page were traced to Nicholas Godejohn in Big Bend, Wisconsin.  Waukesha County deputies found Godejohn and Gypsy Blancharde at the house and took them in for questioning.

According to the documents, Godejohn admitted stabbing Dee Dee to death, at the urging of Gypsy. Godejohn told investigators Gypsy gave him the knife, and claimed he would not have killed anyone less Gypsy asked him to.  He then mailed the knife to his home to avoid being caught with it, the PC statement states.

When investigators questioned Gypsy Blanchard, she admitted to being at the house when Godejohn stabbed her mother, and to knowing that he was going to do it.  She also admitted to making the Facebook posts on Dee Dee's page that first alerted friends and neighbors that Dee Dee may have been harmed.  She said she and Godejohn left the house in a cab.

Read the charges and probable cause statement here (warning: some details are graphic)  

Both Blandchard and Godejohn are due back in court for another hearing July 12.  The jury trial is scheduled to begin November  28.


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