BBQ Kids Champ: Molly's Burger

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The biggest barbeque competition in the world happened over Labor Day weekend in Kansas City. One of the stand out stars is a 9-year old from Springfield.   She's been grilling with her dad since five years old.

We caught up with Molly Leighninger as she was practicing for the big competition.

"They look pretty good. Maybe a little bit longer. What do you think?" If there's a king of the grill - meet the princess. "Now I'm going to go ahead and put the lid on...."

"The first Kids' Q I ever did, I made my burger, and I won that, so something inspired me to keep cooking," says Molly.

At 9-years old, Molly Leighninger already has about a dozen championship titles under her belt - thanks to her "Molly burger".
"I will never give away the secret sauce," she vows.

Molly and her dad, Brad, have perfected the molly burger so it's just right for judges.

"We do competition BBQ.  That's like some people go fishing or go camping on the weekends, we go cook, as a family," Brad says.  "So seeing my daughter get in to it and having success. It's very rewarding for me."

Two weeks ago, Molly won the Omaha Steakhouse Competition in Nebraska.
"And I won like $400 so I was really really excited!" 

A reporter asks ,"What are you going to do what all that money?" 
"I don't know...I'll save it until I see something I want, then I'll use it to buy that," Molly says.

Her success and personality even landed her a featured spot on Food Network's "Kids Chef Nation."
"I will tell you one ingredient in my secret's worcestershire sauce.  That's not it. Worcestershire sauce. I said it in slow motion, so I don't really know if that counts,"

With cheese dripping underneath the bacon, the secret sauce in place -and then the toppings..."I like to make a Mickey Mouse with the onions, and the pickles, it helps spread it around."

Now you know what a prize winning burger looks like. "Now you're going to watch me eat it."  And the girl behind it.

The American Royal was the world competition held in Kansas City over the holiday weekend. Molly placed 20 out of 70 kids this year.  Congrats!

Molly's Burger is on the menu of her dad's restaurant, Gettin' Basted, in Branson.  Her dad finished 32 out of 407 teams at the American Royal this weekend.


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