Attorney Defends Suspect in Child Abuse Murder Case

JOPLIN, Mo. -- The defense attorney in a local child abuse death case speaks out about her client's guilt or innocence.

Tracey Martin said that Jalen Vaden says he's innocent of wrongdoing in the death of Jayda Kyle. Martin spoke at a press conference hosted today by members of the Joplin chapter of the NAACP focusing on Jalen Vaden.

"The truth and the facts and the evidence available will show his innocence. Jalen has professed his innocence despite any quote confession," says Tracey Martin.

Attorney Tracey Martin revealed few details in her plan to defend Jalen Vaden but says more resources are needed to pay for outside experts.

"We are hoping that we are going to be able to hire all of the people we need to make sure this was a proper investigation, and if it was in fact a proper investigation, those individuals that were hired will come to the same conclusions," says Tracey Martin.

Members of Black Lives Matter and the Missionary Baptist State Convention were also there in support.

"Our role is to monitor the process," says Darryl Gray.

Vaden is charged in the death of 3 year old Jayda Kyle stemming from alleged child abuse last November. Supporters at the press conference say they want the full truth of the matter and they asked supporters in the community to contribute.

"We would like to have donors if you would see to within your heart to donate to Jalen's the lawyers fees," says Nanda Nunnelly.

They were also concerned that Vaden has not yet had a bond hearing - that's currently set for the end of the month.

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