Area Police Agencies Warn of Counterfeit Bills

WILLOW SPRINGS, Mo. -- Police departments in at least three southern Missouri towns are warning people to be watchful for counterfeit currency.

Police in Licking, Willow Springs and Mountain View, Missouri have made posts on their Facebook pages, reporting phony 20 and 100 dollar bills.

In Licking, the department says someone has been copying the phony 100's on top of legitimate $1 bills.  They posted a photo of the phony - showing part of the number 1 still visible where the portrait watermark should be.  "We recommend looking for the watermark, the 3D "100s" on the blue security ribbon, and the color shifting ink."


Mountain View police posted about issues with fake $20 bills.  The department is urging businesses to check their $20 bills daily for signs of being counterfeit.

The advice police give:  "There are two things everyone can look for in detecting a false bill with these. In the bottom right hand corner is the “20” that is supposed to be copper metallic in color. These bills do NOT have the copper metallic ink on the low right “20” marking and do NOT have the green metallic ink for the seal next to the serial number on the right hand side which is next to the portrait.

The other major flaw with these bills is that they do NOT have the vertical strip on the left hand side which will read “USA Twenty” multiple times for the entire vertical length of the bill. This strip can be located on a legit bill on the left hand side of the bill in about the center of the “20” markings. The bill must be held to the light to view it."

If you come across a counterfeit bill, contact your local police agency as soon as possible.

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