Save my Spot Service Available for Cox Urgent Care

SPRINGFIELD -- The "Save My Spot" service allows you to book an appointment for your urgent care visits at CoxHealth.

For patients who choose CoxHealth for urgent care, the service is now available to swap out the waiting room experience, for the comfort of your own home. 
The online service is called "Save My Spot". It allows patients to call ahead and book an appointment for urgent care, and makes sure they get to the right location based on severity of their condition. 

It helps many people avoid being stuck in a waiting room for hours. 

Amanda Hedgpeth, Vice President of Clinical Services, says saving people time was not the only goal of this online service. 

"It allows you to stay at home with a sick child or for yourself as opposed to having to come into the waiting room," says Hedgpeth. "The online app actually allows you to see the types of services offered at each location and make sure that you are choosing the right location that works for you." 

Hedgepeth explains that more people are turning to urgent care because of the convenience aspect. 

"Urgent care numbers continue to grow. It's multiple things. The need for more access, and really access at the right time for patients. They want access on their own time, not having to wait for a primary care for when they can be seen. They want a little more control over when they are able to be seen," says Hedgepeth.  

It is not uncommon for people to be a bit foggy on what constitutes a visit to the emergency room, versus urgent care, or even a walk-in clinic. 

Those guidelines are available on CoxHealth's website at this link. 

The Save My Spot service is free, and requires you to identify your symptoms in attempt to get patients to the right place. 

"If you are to put in chest pain for example, it won't allow you to make an appointment. It will tell you to go to the nearest ER or contact 911," Hedgpeth explains. 

With patient health in mind, those with more critical conditions could still be bumped ahead of you, but Hedgpeth says so far, that has not been an issue.  

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