Adventure Playgrounds

Published 08/08 2014 08:27PM

Updated 08/08 2014 08:36PM

Adventure Playground, Berkeley CA (Facebook)
Item: Also known as “wild playgrounds,” these oases of unstructured, post-nanny state fun embrace the concept that kids should have the opportunity to create and explore. Cans of paint and brushes, along with hammers and nails, are readily available so that the children can modify, build and paint across the entirety of their junkyard-chic playscape. Though there are only a handful of these in the states, they flourished in Britain after WWII and are getting a resurgence of interest today. Advocates say they help bolster a child’s sense of risk taking and exploration, more readily preparing them for the real world.

Why it Matters: There is an increasing fear that children are becoming more technological than tactile. Swiping and clicking have replaced building and imagining, and there is a fear that fine motor skills are being lost along the transition. Giving children an opportunity to explore and discover in an environment where they can take risks and work with their hands isn’t just a cool idea; some feel it is a necessity.

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