ACT: Missouri Students Prefer MSU over Mizzou

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- For the first time in at least five years, more Missouri students who took the ACT exam chose Missouri State University as their number one choice for school over Mizzou, according to the Kansas City Star.

That is based on responses from 78% of students who chose to list their college preferences.

8.5% of high school seniors, or 4,500 students, who responded listed Missouri State as their top choice. 7.7% of students chose Mizzou as their first choice.

In 2013, about 14% of student chose Mizzou as their top choice, according to The Kansas City Star.

The Star also reports the top four schools picked as the first choice by Missouri ACT takers in 2017 were Missouri State, MU, University of Central Missouri, and University of Missouri-Kansas City.


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