"Mountain Coaster" Coming To Branson

The Project Is Part Of A New Development Called Branson Mountain Adventure

3/18/2016 - BRANSON, Mo. – Construction will soon be underway on the first phase of “Branson Mountain Adventure.”

The project's developers are currently working on a mountain coaster – a popular attraction in Europe that is beginning to gain traction in the United States. The attraction will be incorporated into a hillside along Highway 165 -- an area that would normally be a financial headache to develop due to the steep incline.

"You can use a 15-percent sloped property and not have dramatic impact on it,” says developer, Mark Ruda, “so it's kind of a win-win."

The slope will be used to zigzag more than 5,000 feet of mountain coaster track down a 350 foot elevation change.

"It closer to the ground and closer to the environment,” says fellow developer, Dan Ruda. “Because the cart doesn't surround you, and you're not in a group, it's more of a thrilling ride.”

Dan Ruda says riders will be able to tackle the hillside at their own pace thanks to a manual hand break. However, there is an automatic breaking system that will kick in when needed.

The coasters are expected to top out around 30-miles per hour, but Dan Ruda says the surroundings will amplify the thrill of the attraction.

“What makes a mountain coaster unique is that you use gravity as the accelerant and not the structure,” he says. “So because of that, it's an entirely different experience."

"We want you to feel like a part of nature when you're here," says Mark Ruda.

It’s a recipe both developers believe will meet the ever-evolving needs of the Branson visitor.

"Obviously we're trying to walk before we run,” says Dan Ruda, “but we want to bring another attraction to it every year.”

Dan Ruda is hopeful the attraction will be open to the public in the summer.

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