A Blind Legend, the All Audio Video Game for the Blind

Published 08/15 2014 09:45PM

Updated 08/15 2014 09:47PM

Item: A Blind Legend follows the story of a knight who lost his eyes in battle, and whose wife was captured and taken away from him. The screen remains dark as you (in his place) navigate by sound alone, as the voice of your daughter guides you through obstacles and you hear the sounds of battle as you fend off unseen enemies. In order to make the world more distinguishable, all of the audio was recorded dynamically through a 3D recording method called binaural sound, which is specifically designed for headphone use. It gives the entire world a sense of depth and life.

Why it Matters: Technology has provided a new place for us to educate ourselves—maybe even prepare ourselves—for living with a disability. As our virtual worlds and reality seem to merge at times, technology is providing a platform for us to practice. We can stave off our own fears while gaining new appreciation and understanding for what others go through in dealing with life.

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