60 Minutes Preview: Is Allegiant Airlines Safe to Fly?

When choosing your airline, you may focus more on price than anything else.

But experts say one airline has more issues than meet the eye.

Here is a preview of that story which airs tonight on 60 Minutes.

Is this airline safe enough to fly? You should watch this story before you make your reservations.

"You're a former member of the NTSP. Would you fly on an Allegiant plane?"

"I encourage my family, my friends, and myself not to fly on Allegiant."

What sets Allegiant apart from its competition can be found in public documents. An alarming number of aborted takeoffs, loss of cabin pressure, smoke and fumes in the cabin, unscheduled landings, and engine failures.

"He came on and he said, 'the mechanics are working on the right engine. We apologize for that. We'll get you up in the air as soon as possible. As we started taxing, everything was going ok and then as soon as the wheels came up, the engine blew."

You can catch that full report and more on 60 Minutes tonight at six on KOLR10.


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