Sho-Me Hydroponics

We love to grow and it shows!

Sho-Me Hydroponics is a locally owned and operated business right here in beautiful Southwest Missouri and we are committed to offering top-of-the-line products and supplies for both the indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiast. Whether you are looking for nutrients, soils, or full-blown gardening solutions, you can count on Sho-Me Hydroponics to provide everything you need.

Our showroom at Sho-Me Hydroponics is truly one of a kind. Come in today and see a live, working aquaponics garden. You’ll see things like: Strawberries, herbs, arugula, Chinese white garlic, and even an 8’ tall banana tree!

What we offer …

  • Organic Soils
  • AquaPonic, AeroPonic, Hydroponic Systems
  • Nutrients and Supplements
  • Grow Lights and Grow Room Setups
  • Cloning and Propagation Products
  • Purification Systems
  • Expert friendly advice!

Brands we carry …

  • Advanced Nutrients
  •  Fox Farm
  • Pro Mix
  • Sunshine Advanced
  • Nectar for the Gods
  • Sunleaves
  • Botanicare
  • Baker Creek
  • Hormex
  • WiggleWorm
  • General Hydroponics

We have 2 lines of organic nutrients, Nectar for the Gods™ and Botanicare™ Pure Blend Pro. Each of these lines is specially formulated from only the best organic sources to ensure your plants get the beneficial nutrients they need to grow. We also have non-organic nutrients from Advanced Nutrients™, General Hydroponics™, and FoxFarm™. Whatever your plants nutritional requirements, we have the supplements for you.

Choose from a large selection of growing media and soils. We carry the full line of FoxFarm™ soils, including Ocean Forrest™, Happy Frog™, and the classic Original Planting Mix™. With several organic pestacides and fungacides available in store, you never have to worry about the chemicals in your families foods. When you are ready to move on from traditional soils we still have you covered. Help
eliminate pests from your garden by using alternative grow media such as Cyco Hydro Clay™, Sunleaves™ Perlite, Vermiculite, and Piece Coir Blocks.

Starting with seeds? We carry Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds™ so if you are looking to start your own garden, indoors or out, visit us for your propagation needs. We have several brands of starter plugs and humidity domes to ensure a successful start to your next growing season. Have you ever enjoyed a friend’s fresh fruits or vegetables and wished you could take the plant home? Well with any one of our brands of cloning material, it is as simple as taking a clipping of your friends’ plant and growing an identical version of your own.

Quality hydroponic gardening options from a company you can trust! Sho-Me Hydroponics in Nixa, Missouri, is backed by more than five years’ experience and offers lower prices and better service than the competition. We can provide you with everything you need to grow plants indoors or outdoors!
Come in and see us today and improve your garden with our complete line of indoor and outdoor gardening supplies!

1873 N State Highway CC
Nixa, Missouri 65714