Hometown Heroes: Happy Plunkers Benefit from Beats

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Their mission is through music -- all with an interesting instrument -- and they're far from rusty.

It's that time once again for the Happy Plunker performers to take their seats for practice.

And after a moment of silence, it's likely this chorus won't be this quiet for long.

In unison on ukuleles, the volunteer group turns out tunes that bring many of them back to their younger years.

"Course the songs we sing, it brings back all kinds of memories," says Ed Elieson.

But don't let these silver foxes fool you, for these plunkers, age is just a number.

"I'm 77," says Carol Mosley.

And about their audience?

"We go to nursing homes, independent living, assisted living, churches," says director Beverly Thomason.

And it's just about anywhere the Happy Plunkers have hopped to since 1989.

While it was a mixed crowd at the plunker's latest performance, residents like Dick and Alice Rees relish the music that fills the halls of their nursing home.

"They sing songs through our era, when we can hear, and know part of the lyrics to," says Dick Rees.

And while these guys and gals are giving back, they too benefit from the beats.

"Music is good for ya, music's good for the soul, it's good for anybody," says Thomason.

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