‘Field of Dreams’ Anniversary Dream Come True for Fans

By CNN News Wire

Published 06/16 2014 07:50AM

Updated 06/16 2014 07:54AM

DYERSVILLE, Iowa -- IN 1989, people around the world learned if you build it, they will come. And a quarter-century later, thousands are still coming to the Field of Dreams movie site near Dyersville, Iowa. People from all over are drawn to the field by the magnetism of a movie that still holds up even after a quarter century.

Fans, fathers and sons flocked to this Field of Dreams this weekend, to celebrate 25 years since the 1989 release of the iconic film "Field of Dreams".  The movie site is just north of Dyersville, Iowa and remains open to the public, drawing thousands of fans every year.  

The anniversary also brought movie cast members back, along with pro baseball players.

Kevin Costner, so unforgettable is his role as Ray, "had a catch" with kids on the field that is now part of the tapestry of Iowa culture.

It's a culture that brought out plenty of Iowans, including a family from Mount Vernon, but with a unusual baseball passion.
"(I'm a) Reds season ticket holder. We drive seven hours all the way down. ...we're driving to Milwaukee on Sunday."

And Michael Dunn's son, Samuel, was able to throw with Costner.
"Pretty awesome."

This movie touches the generations - that's evident through technology.

"Yes, I have, my dad pulled out the VCR to see it," says Tucker Lovell, whose dad, Ron, may have "Field of Dreams" on a cassette tape - but he made this dream come true, driving 10 hours from Nashville, tn to spend Father's Day weekend in Iowa.

"The whole "have a catch with your son" and the whole message behind the movie - everything that comes with the movie is just amazing," says Ron.

Or even another country, like Sally Lloyd of Toronto, Canada.
"I took the day off of work. I left Thursday and got in late last night and I dragged my husband with me."

That's why so many people are here - especially fathers - because this movie resonates. Perhaps of a simpler time but also that time is finite - and to treasure it, even the little things, like time spent together.

"There are just some films that just stick with people and, if you get it, not everybody does but if this connects with you, it just stays with you."

As the sunshine on this perfect June Day dropped in the distance and the movie rolled on a gigantic screen, this was about buying an experience - not the stuff we use in our lives. But the juice of life - a day that for a parent and a child, will last forever.

"We'll never forget it, we'll never forget it."

Twenty-five years after its release, legendary actor Costner still calls “Field of Dreams” a “high mark” in his career.

During a news conference Costner talked about the success of the film and how odd it felt saying one of its most quotable lines, “You wanna have a catch?”

“In your athletic life you have a way of saying things, and it didn’t come out of my mouth right. But, I thought, ‘That’s what the guy wrote. I’m going to go ahead and say it’. I’m glad now, obviously, that I did,” Costner said.

That line means a great deal to Chris Dvorak and his six-year-old son. They were two of the estimated 12,000 that attended the anniversary celebration over the weekend, driving about 300 miles from Omaha, NE.

“It’s the quote - the line of, ‘You wanna have a catch?’ That’s a big thing. That’s a big thing for a lot of dads,” said Dvorak. “It’s the greatest movie of all time.”

The book Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella was the inspiration for “Field of Dreams”. The film was made for a modest $15 million. It grossed more than five times that at the box office, $84 million worldwide.

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