Fan Club Secretary Recalls Years with The Beatles

By CNN News Wire

Published 01/31 2014 07:51AM

Updated 01/31 2014 07:55AM

50 years ago, America welcomed the Beatles when they made their groundbreaking appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

But Freda Kelly already knew them as John, Paul, George and "Richie," that's Ringo to you and me. When she was just 17 she was hired to be the secretary of their fan club when they were a local band hoping to make it big in Liverpool.

Reporter:  "There's a couple of lyrics from a certain song, "She was just just 17, you know what I mean, the way she looked was way beyond compare," how many times have people asked you if that song is about you?"

"Well, you know that's about a lot of girls that were 17 that paled around with them at the time," Kelly says.

Reporter: "Are you one of them?"

"Well, I was 17 and I paled around with them at the time; I think it was for a lot of us," Kelly notes.

Reporter:  "Anything go beyond a crush?"

"Uh, pass, not really no, that's personal anyway isn't it?" Kelly laughs.

Kelly worked with the Fab Four as they became international sensations and admits to playing favorites.

"I did have favorites you know of course, you know I was in love with Paul for you know I'd say a week or two and then if George gave me a lift home. You know what, I prefer George and then Richie, it was so nice and ask about your family and your dogs and everything you know I thought oh I've got a soft spot for him."

She says she had a playfully contentious relationship with John.

"You always knew where you were with John. When he came in the office you knew what mood he was in and how far to push him and how far not to push him," says Kelly.

Reporter:  "It's good to see your face when you talk about them because at the end of the day it feels like you are still a fan."

"I am a fan, but you know what? I'm a Beatle fan, I'll always be a Beatle fan."

(Nischelle Turner, CNN)

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