Family Hiking Trails Along The Buffalo River

As the temperatures warm up and spring gets closer, you may be looking for something fun to do with your kids outside on the weekends.

The Ozarks is a fantastic place for hiking, especially along the Buffalo National River.

Terry Cook with the Harrison, Arkansas Convention and Visitors Bureau has information about kid-friendly hikes in the area.
(Watch the video to see our interview with Terry)

More information about these opportunities:

Child Friendly Hikes in Harrison, Arkansas and the Ozarks
The best day a child or adult might remember on the Buffalo National River could be the one he/she spends during an Arkansas 'walk in the woods'. Whether its spring, summer, fall, or winter, the trails along the Upper Buffalo are absolutely perfect for hiking, especially this time of year.

Gorgeous vistas and waterfalls are plentiful and are all ready to be enjoyed and photographed. This is a wonderful time of year to be in the woods while the skies are crystal clear and the leaves are gone, creating exciting vistas for as far as one can see. While the upper Buffalo Region is one of the best places to see the area, please remember that January, February, and March weather can be very unforgiving, so just plan ahead.

Two short child friendly hikes are:
Hike #1
Shorter daytime trails begin at Lost Valley and the Cedar Grove Picnic Area, a short drive from Scenic Highway 7 down the Erbie Road.

Hike #2
The Ponds Loop Trail (.4 miles) starts just across the road from the Cedar Grove Picnic area offering a nice view of the river below. The loop trail begins there (across the road). Off to the left is a hard packed gravel part of the trail that is accessible for both strollers and wheelchairs. Within a short distance, you will come to a nice observation deck overlooking the South Pond. From there the trail narrows (not accessible for either children's strollers or wheelchairs) and heads up into the woods. Turn right when you get to the North Pond and hike back to the parking lot. Incidentally, the 33 mile Buffalo River Trail passes through the picnic area. Both ponds are clear and full of floral and other aquatic plants and animals.

For additional information on the above mentioned trails or other trails along the Buffalo National River, contact the Harrison Convention and Visitors Bureau at 870-741-1789 or visit

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