Bieber's Mugshot Under Scrutiny by Media

By CNN News Wire

Published 01/24 2014 07:42AM

Updated 01/24 2014 07:44AM

Justin Bieber's mug was already famous and now so is his mug shot.   It's being scrutinized and analyzed by the media.

In his orange jail jumpsuit, Justin Bieber faced the music. And we don't mean his own.

At 19, his first mugshot. Anchors alternated between analyzing his expression...

And analyzing his hair.

Reminiscent of young Frank Sinatra when he was arrested for adultery in 1938. One joker tweeted "The Justin Bieber mugshots are in and they're incredible." The press wanted more than a mugshot. Photographers clung desperately to police station gates.

They rested their cameras on their heads. Got yelled at by police.

They peered through jailhouse chain link fencing.

And when Bieber was freed, they finally got a decent shot when he momentarily perched on top of an suv.

Remind you of anyone? Say, Michael Jackson waving after pleading not guilty to charges of child molestation. Bieber sped off leaving photographers in his dust.

And then there's the minor matter of how to refer to the pop star.

On line jokes like this circulated captioned "photo of Justin Bieber being arrested." The arrest and mugshot will have the impersonators mugging. From SNL to Jimmy Fallon.

But will the real Bieber reflect on his downward spiral while we obsess about his hair. Or photoshop his makeup. At least his mugshot didn't look like Nick Nolte's.

Height? Seems like a new low.

(Jeanne Moos, CNN)

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