Arkansas Couple Featured on American Ninja Warrior

Published 06/10 2014 08:54AM

Updated 06/10 2014 09:03AM

FORT SMITH -- The next American Ninja Warrior could be from Arkansas.  Shaun and Joanna Summers have turned their Fort Smith home into a giant obstacle course to train for American Ninja Warrior.

The NBC reality show showcases hardcore athletes from across the country. It airs on Monday night at 8:00t.

You'll see Shaun and Joanna's try outs in a couple of weeks. Photojournalist Joel Kattner takes you through their obstacle course.

Shaun Summers: "It was about three years ago we were watching American Ninja Warrior on TV.  I kind of did the-- you know what usually people do-- 'well I can do that.'
Oh God, the crazy ninja thing."

Shaun Summers: "And that stuff might be a little harder than what it might look."

Joanna Summers: "They just make it look easy cause you know they've been doing it for a while."

Shaun Summers: "I knew where I kind of wanted to put the basics of everything."

Joanna Summers:  "Sure that's fine no big deal."

Shaun Summers: "And I didn't think I was going to put as many obstacles as in here as what I actually managed to get in here.  I think there's over 25 obstacles in here."

Joanna Summers: "I would kind of like watch and like you know I could do that.  Well I want to try it too cause it was a good time to bond with you know my kids and with him."

Joanna Summers: "That was really the way I was gonna get to be more athletic.  Cause it's better than going to a gym and just lifting weights."

Shaun Summers: "She's been making a couple of guys look bad on a few of those obstacles that's for sure."

Joanna Summers: "It's a lot of fun. It's definitely got its ups and downs literally."

Shaun Summers: "There's not one like this in Arkansas.  I don't charge people to come here.  I've never charge anyone a dime to ever come here and train.  I've had people come and stay for literally a week at a time."

Joanna Summers: "I have made more like life-long friends through this than I ever have.  We want people to know that you know it it's fun and it's athletic but it's also a good way to meet good people and be physically fit and have fun at the same time."

To try out the Summers' course, call  479-434-4689 or 479-561-7887. The couple is also hosting an event called ArkanSasuke, August 8- 10.


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