Some of the Best Tributes to Robin Williams

By CNN News Wire

Published 08/14 2014 06:24AM

Updated 08/14 2014 06:26AM

Flying? Standing on desks? Doing impressions of Robin Williams - a look at some of the best tributes to the fallen star.

What would Robin think if he could see all of the quirky tributes...His own commemorative issue of "Time", and comedy club sign saying "Robin Williams rest in peace. Make God laugh." '

Adoring cartoons like one comparing 3 aces, three of a kind, to the joker, Robin Williams, captioned "one of a kind." 

Other comics choked up.  "When we learned genius comedian actor Robin Williams passed away," Jimmy Fallon said on The Tonight Show.

Some paid tribute by imitation. Jim carrey posted a vintage impression he once did of Mork.

Jimmy Fallon did a montage. And WSB's Zach Klein wove 22 Robin Williams TV and movie references into his sportscast.
You almost needed a movie poster scorecard.

At least he didn't stand up on his anchor desk...

The famous scene from "Dead Poet's Society" when students rebel against the dismissal of their teacher....became a tweeted out photo tribute as fans took to their desks and tabletops.

"Oh captain, my captain."

At the University of North Carolina's Wilson Library, where scenes from the movie "Patch Adams' were shot, all hands were on desk.

Even the latest Peter Pan, actress Allison Williams, dedicated her first training flight...

To that other Peter who got his Pan back.  

And Disney tweeted out a tribute illustration showing the Genie from Aladdin that Williams voiced as a constellation of stars.

What would Robin say about all of these tributes?

"Thank you boys."

(Jeanne Moos, CNN)

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