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How to dress for the summer heat

We all look forward to summer, but let's face it, hot days can be a real pain when fashion is at stake. If you need some outfit inspiration that will keep you looking cool in the heat, check out our ideas.

1. Wear open-toed, flat shoes.

High heels can be a real pain the heat. You want to wear sturdy shoes that you won't slip out of and won't cause blisters

2. Bigger is (sometimes) better

Summer is the time of year we all want to whip out the short shorts, but remember that Bermuda shorts and flowy tops will give you the extra wiggle room to allow air to circulate

3. Don't be afraid of hats

Hats don't always seem like the most stylish accessory, but they will protect you from UV rays which will eventually keep you cooler

4. Opt for natural fibers

Natural fibers are more breathable than any synthetic material

5. Try lighter colored clothing

Black might be more slimming, but it also retains more heat. This summer, opt for white or lighter colored clothing

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