Wes Peery

Hello! I'm Wes Peery, KOLR10's Weekend Meteorologist and Weekday Reporter. I grew up in Columbia, Missouri so it's safe to say I know a thing or two about Missouri weather.
As a youngster I used to be extremely afraid of weather. Anytime tornado sirens were tested I got down into the tornado safety position no matter where I was. My older brother liked to exacerbate the situation even more by playing thunder and lightning  noises in our room as I tried to fall asleep at night.
I got tired of being afraid of the weather and wanted to learn as much about it as possible until I was no longer fearful. Eventually I started to love the weather and knew in grade school I wanted to be a meteorologist. As soon as I turned sixteen and got my first car, I began to chase tornadoes all over the state of Missouri and still do today.
I attended Mississippi State University and earned my B.S. in Professional Meteorology with an emphasis in broadcasting. In my free time I enjoy playing lacrosse, the drums, and with my dog Smokey. I'm so happy to be back in Missouri working with a great weather team!

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