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Phone Numbers and Email Addresses


Contact Information for KOLR10, KOZL and OzarksFirst.com

Main offices:  2650 E. Division, Springfield, MO  65803
Branson studio:   210 W. Main, Branson, MO  65616

KOLR:  417-862-1010      Office Fax:    417-862-6439
KOZL:  417-862-2727

Newsroom:  417-862-6397     Newsroom fax:  417-866-6397


KOZL Vice President/General Manager : Leo Henning   lhenning@kolr10.com

KOZL Program Director:  Nancy Bingaman  nbingaman@ozarkslocal.tv

KOLR10 Station Manager/Program Director:  Dean Wasson  dwasson@kolr10.com

KOLR10 Engineering - David Smith  dsmith@kolr10.com

KOZL Engineering - Randy Selvidge   rselvidge@ozarkslocal.tv


General newsroom email:   news@kolr10.com
KOLR10 News Director:  Charles Maulden  cmaulden@kolr10.com
KOLR10 Assistant News Director: Lissa Hamblen  lhamblen@kolr10. com
KOLR10 News Executive Producer: Ben Fisher  bfisher@kolr10.com
KOLR10 News Assignment Editor: Bil Tatum   btatum@kolr10.com
OzarksFirst.com Managing Editor:   Karen Garmon  klibby@kolr10.com


For questions about reception of our broadcast signal: dsmith@kolr10.com

For information about broadcast advertising:  jgamble@kolr10.com
For information about online and mobile advertising:  jgamble@kolr10.com


To inquire about appearing on Ozarks Live! at 4, contact producer Stephanie Ashley sashley@kolr10.com

For public service announcements:  dwasson@kolr10.com

KOLR10/KOZL News Staff

David Oliver    doliver@kolr10.com
Jennifer Kielman   jkielman@kolr10.com
Chad Mira   cmira@kolr10.com
Tom Trtan   ttrtan@kolr10.com
Jamie Warriner    jwarriner@kolr10.com
John Zeigler  jzeigler @kolr10.com

Dan Lucy     dlucy@kolr10.com
Megan Rice   mrice@kolr10.com
Lindsay Clein     lclein@kolr10.com
Linda Ong   long@kolr10.com
Matt Lupoli  mlupoli@kolr10.com
Brett Martin  bmartin@kolr10.com
Grant Sloan (Branson Studio)  gsloan@kolr10.com
Audrey Esther   aesther@kolr10.com
Melanie Chapman  mchapman@kolr10.com


OzarksFirst.com Managing Editor:   Karen Garmon  klibby@kolr10.com
Weekend Assignments/Wed Producer:  Aimee Durham  adurham@kolr10.com
Producer/KOLR10 Daybreak:  Melanie Foehrweiser  mfoehrweiser@kolr10.com
Producer/KOLR10 News at 9 on Z:  Cary Shelton   cshelton@kolr10.com
Weekend Producer KOLR/KOZL  Kelsey McDaniel  kmcdaniel@kolr10.com

Can't Get KOLR on Your Television?  Help From our Engineers

There are a lot of different types of antennas so we'll give you a list of issues with most configurations to assist in figuring out the problem. If your issue isn't addressed, please email dsmith@kolr10.com more details about your configuration so we can assist further.

Indoor antennas
We recommend non amplified rabbit ears with no knobs and set at 14 inches long and spread out.
The smaller flat antennas don't work well with VHF in some situations and KOLR is the only VHF station in Springfield.
There has been many problems with TVs causing interference with VHF so getting the antenna about 8-10ft away from the TV usually takes care of that problem.
There has also been documented issues with LED lights causing interference.
If you feel you need an amplifier, it needs to be external of the antenna so you can install an FM filter between the antenna and amplifier. If you have an amplified antenna, this can't be accomplished and therefore may have signal issues. We have FM filters for free. With your address, we can mail it or you can come by the station and pick one up.

Outdoor antennas
We recommend an upper VHF/UHF antenna with no amplification. An example of an upper VHF/UHF antenna is the Winegard 7600 series antenna. There are 4 different sizes depending on distance from transmitter site. The HD7694P will work in most cases if installed correctly. You may want a larger model if you're at the fringe areas.
If you are going to run on a long cable or distribute to multiple TV's, we recommend the Channel Master CM7777. Make sure the amplifier has the FM filter switch in the "on" position.
Problems we're noticing with outdoor antennas are amplified antennas without FM filtering, UHF only antennas(KOLR is a VHF station), amplifiers having FM filter at power supply which doesn't do any good. The FM filter has to be at the amplifier. Another problem with outdoor antennas is corrosion. A yagi antenna that is several years old could have corrosion that only effects the VHF station and still work for many more years for UHF with no problems. It's also possible that some elements were damaged due to ice and de-tuned the antenna.

As mentioned above, these problems will fix most issues but it doesn't cover all problems. If you don't find this helpful, please email dsmith@kolr10.com  all details about your antenna system so we can assist further.

About Closed Captioning


KOZL Contact:
Randy Selvidge
Chief Engineer
2650 E. Division
Springfield, MO 65803
email closedcaptioning@kolr10.com

KOLR Contact:
Dean Wasson
Station Manager
Fax: 417-862-6439
2650 E. Division
Springfield, MO 65803
email closedcaptioning@kolr10.com


Questions or Complaints About Closed Captioning

David Smith
Chief Engineer
Fax: 417-862-6439
2650 E. Division
Springfield, MO 65803
email closedcaptioning@kolr10.com

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Interested in Tom's Ozarks Marketplace? The area's first LOCAL / broadcast television home shopping program hosted by Tom Trtan each Thursday morning at 9am - please contact Jeff Gamble or call 417-862-1010.

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