Weight Watchers Tips for Grilling Healthy

As classic warm-weather activities go, cooking on the grill is up there with our favorite rites of spring. And that's a beautiful thing, because grilling is one of the healthiest food preparation methods.

Combine grilling with some great fresh veggies and you have delicious spring meals with healthy ingredients that the whole family will enjoy. And with the new season of spring finally here, we're going to make firing up the grill an occasion to celebrate.

Here's how you can put together a healthy springtime meal where the grill takes center stage.

Soy-Lime Marinated Flank Steak: Marinating lean, flavorful flank steak tenderizes it while imparting wonderful flavor. Grilling it only takes minutes and the leftovers can be incredible either as a steak salad or in a tortilla with greens.

Fresh Broccoli: The first Weight Watchers cookbook in the 60's had a recipe for Lemon Broccoli, which consisted of cooked broccoli tossed with lemon and sugar substitute. We have improved on the original by adding a holy trio that makes any green vegetable taste better: lemon, garlic and a little olive oil. This is a versatile recipe that also works great with broccolini, Swiss chard or spinach!

Angel Food Cake: No cooking involved here! Just take a slice of angel food cake and top with a low-fat or non-fat whipped topping and add some delicious, sweet strawberries. This dessert adds a spring-like freshness that truly compliments the rest of the meal.

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