Building a Greener Ozarks

We're launching a new series that follows the construction of a dream home here in the Ozarks. In the past you've seen our award-winning feature.. Building the Ozarks.  Now, we're building a "greener" Ozarks.

KOLR10's Jeremy Stevens will take us through the process of building an eco-friendly country home that pays tribute to its surroundings.

This sprawling acreage in northern Greene County was chosen as the site of our next dream home. The family that will live here is committed to sustainability and preserving the natural landscape. Our builder is Rick Ramsey, owner of Ramsey Building Company in Nixa.

"We want the house to look like it's actually been there for many many years but yet innovate it in a way that will be more current and up to date," Ramsey says.

Rick (right) has been designing and constructing custom homes in the Ozarks for 14 years. Each of his projects reflect incorporate natural surroundings with comfort and luxury.

It may not look like much now but this home is going to be full of green ideas and technologies and innovations that will soon become common in new home construction.

"This particular home is really unique in the fact that it's an Arts and Crafts with a farmhouse twist," says Ramsey.

The arts & crafts movement began in the late 1800's just following the Victorian era. It mixes simple lines and spaces with good craftsmanship and good design. This home is just over 3,000 square feet.

"It's got 2,000 on the main in the upstairs," Ramsey notes.  The second floor is split with separate stairways. "It has an efficiency apartment, a finished apartment above the garage that's approximately 800 feet."

Below that is a rear-entry three car garage. "It has a total of four bedrooms, two living areas, large breakfast mudroom area," Ramsey says.

It sounds large but the home is very livable at the same time. The farmhouse style isn't overly large in scale. And the design is meant to bring the family closer together.

The country home is going to be filled with "green" materials and innovations.
Next week we'll take a closer look at what it means to be "green".. and how much money you can save by going that route.

Some of the floor plans for our house:

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