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The word Epoch (e-pek)is defined as A moment in a persons life marked by a remarkable or noteworthy event that is considered the beginning of something monumental in their history. Our clinic is designed to create just that. To specifically assist men over the age of 30 in beginning new, monumental and historic chapters in their personal health and mental well being through clinical testosterone therapy.

Epoch Health is dedicated to helping men with low T levels reverse the effects of aging with incredible lifestyle improvements. We focus on your needs based upon a detailed and thorough symptom evaluation and precisely tested levels during your initial and ongoing visits.

It's a common misconception that testosterone treatments are geared primarily towards men with sexual performance issues. In reality, a majority of patients are executives and professionals whose daily performance (and sometimes their very lives) depends upon their ability to stay in peak mental and/or physical condition.

If you are determined to have Low T (and a large majority of the patents we see are) Epoch will give you a testosterone shot up to 4 times a month to regulate your T levels to a range of normal. Each visit takes less than 15 minutes and you can make an appointment or just walk in when you're due. Epoch will continue to check your levels every 5 to 8 weeks to maintain an optimum and healthy balance in your body. You may also be placed on other therapy's or become monitored for other identified conditions that will help you get in top form and feel your best.

Now that your levels are right, most men begin to experience the physical and mental benefits of properly regulated hormone levels, which include:

  •  Improved muscle mass and strength
  •  Increased desire to work out with improved results
  •  Improved libido and sexual desire
  •  A more efficient metabolism
  •  Increased bone mineral density
  •  Thickened body hair and skin
  •  A daily boost in energy
  •  Decreased irritability and depression
  •  Improved cognitive function

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