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Benefits from Exercise:

Improve balance and flexibility
 - Prevent falls
 - Ward off muscle loss
 - Slow down the effects of osteoporosis
 Build upper body strength for daily activities
 Slow down the effects of aging
 Enhance memory, concentration, and cognitive abilities


Socializing also plays a major role in living a longer, healthier, happy life. Bar Cardio encourages everyone to laugh, sing along to the music, and enjoy your class, they are designed to be fun and physically rewarding. After class continue socializing with your friends as you cool down at our quaint bar where you can enjoy your choice of water to wine. We are "Fitness with a Twist!"

Please call the studio during inclement weather for possible class changes. 417-554-0809

Classes are limited in size, call or email and reserve your place in class.


Harlequin Flooring

We are very proud to have the Harlequin Fiesta Woodtone Floor with their Liberty Sprung panel system in the studio. You will notice the difference as soon as you walk in. The floor absorbs your steps reducing the impact on your joints and bones.


Class Prices

 $15 to drop in class
 $110 for a 10 class card
 $60 for a 5 class card
 $15 Gift Certificates
 The cards can be used for any class and any time.


Cardio Tap - Amazing cardio workout, while staying low impact. The class utilizes 5 to 6 basic tap steps (we go over at the beginning of each class) set to fun music of different genres. Perfect class for the beginning tapper to the advanced, if you want to have a different cardio workout this is the class for you! Don't worry about tap shoes, come in light weight tennis shoes and enjoy the steps. Please bring a towel to wipe the sweat!


Cardio Lite - A dance to the beat low impact aerobics class. All moves are designed to increase stamina and muscle tone while protecting our bones and joints. From the cool down to the warm up enjoy the different beats of music from all eras!


Zumba Gold - Come join the party!!! An easy to follow low impact dance fitness class. Enjoy moving to the fresh and exhilarating beat of Latin music!

Butt & Gut Buster - High impact aerobics and intense toning and sculpting of your butt, gut and legs. When you're done with this workout they will be busted! Enjoy this class at your own personal level; we will show you how to keep your heart rate down and smaller moves for toning that fit your needs. Come dance and tone to old school aerobics! Please bring a towel or mat for the floor work and small hand weights if you would like to use them.

See what WEBMD says about fitness and exercise here:

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