Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States

The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States

The Order was formed with these paramount objectives:

     - To honor and perpetuate the names of the brave and loyal officers who have served in our Nations foreign wars and expeditions.

     - To keep in mind the memory of their martial deeds, the victories they helped to gain, the freedoms they have preserved for us.

     - To cultivate Military and Naval Science, with emphasis on Military History.

     - To bear true allegiance to the United States of America, based on the paramount respect for, and fidelity to, the Constitution and Laws of our Country.

     - To aid in maintaining National Honor, Union and Independence.

We welcome eligible candidates for membership in our two classifications of Companionship: Veteran, for officers, active, retired or honorably discharged, who have served in the foreign wars or military engagements of our Country; Hereditary, for descendants of officers with such service dating from the War of the Revolution to the present.

For more information and/or application, please visit the following website:
Military Order of Foreign Wars

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