All About Guns is you premiere gun dealer in the Ozarks and the only place you will be greeted with a smile when you walk in and have the freedom to grab a gun off the rack by yourself or they will work with you to make sure the gun you think you want is right gun for you.

There is a very large selection of new and used shotguns, rifles, pistols to choose from and with the Four-Ten Plan, you cannot let your lack of money keep you from owning the gun you need to protect you and your family.
  1. 10% Down
  2. 10% per month
  3. For 10 months
  4. 10 minutes of paperwork

Go home with your new or used gun.  No penalties for paying off early and you can have as many guns you want on the Four-Ten Plan at the same time.

Only want to buy new guns?

Any new gun you want, only $25 over invoice, you choose the gun and they will show you what they pay, add $25, then wait for it to make it to the store.  There is no better place to buy a gun!


It’s All About You!

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