Easy-To-Do Winter Tips

Step outside, and you can quickly tell winter temperatures are here! Last month we suggested temperature settings that will help you save money throughout the season. There are still a few more things you need to do to prepare for winter. They too will also save you money on your heating expenses this season! Here are some quick and easy tips you need to try this winter:

  • When temperatures outside are below freezing, leave water dripping inside at one sink. This way, your pipes won’t freeze and you won’t have to worry about being without water during winter. Plus you won’t have to replace your pipes -- definitely an expense to avoid!
  • Place blankets or towels at the bottom of your doors once you are inside your house. This way, no winter air seeps through at the bottom. That cold air lowers your home’s temperature, makes your thermostat work harder, and drives up your utility bill!
  • Put up storm windows. Like with your doors, cold air can trickle through your windows and make your house unnecessarily colder. Storm windows block that air, and your thermostat does not have to stay on longer to fight that extra cold air. The storm windows may cost money, but with how much they save you on your utility bill, the investment is worth it!

Why Aire Serv®?

Choose Us as Your AC & Heating Experts

Aire Serv wants you to stay comfortable and breathe clean air all year round! That’s why our company focuses on excellence in customer service and quality AC and heating services. We are proud of our reputation for putting clients first, with a brand synonymous with excellence since 1992! Wherever you see the name Aire Serv, you can expect quality services and customer attention.

There are a number of factors that set us apart. For example, our experience in this field is simply unmatched. We understand how to properly service all types of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our AC and heating technicians are licensed and knowledgeable. We emphasize customer service and always get the job done right the first time, guaranteed!

Here are a few more reasons why Aire Serv is the team you should choose as your home or business provider:

Licensed AC / Heater Repair Professionals Available 24 / 7

Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re like EMTs for your heating or air systems! If you are in need of emergency AC and heating repair services, just let us know—we’ll be there for you. We’re available on weekends, holidays, and after hours. We never charge for overtime: our prices are fixed, so you pay by the job and not by the hour.

Our services are designed to keep your home comfortable and the air you breathe clean and healthy. Our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable, with a reputation for quality and customer service. Choosing Aire Serv as your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning provider, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, makes sense. We’re the team you can trust.

For more information, call our office at (855) 259-2280 today—we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and own home!

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