Active Life Chiropractic is the Ozarks premier wellness center. We will customize a treatment plan and techniques to fit you on a case by case basis. With two doctors on staff, we will work around your busy schedule to get you back to your ideal self without having to rearrange your life. Using the latest techniques in Active Release, RockTape, Graston/IAST, and Massage Therapy, Active Life Chiropractic is perfect for families, kids, athletes, and expecting mothers. Together, we will get you back to your active life.


We are a cash practice, which means that we can offer services to you at the lowest rates possible. In our experience, most insurance companies’ copays are higher than our regular appointment fees. We don’t bill insurance for your appointment. On every receipt, you will receive all the codes you need to send into your insurance company to apply to your deductible.  If you have chiropractic benefits in your insurance plan, the company will send you a check directly for the amount allowed. It’s as easy as mailing a letter. Even HSA’s cover chiropractic services!